About Us

ViewMind is a Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence company that provides clinically validated solutions for the early diagnosis of cognitive diseases. ViewMind developed a one-of-a-kind reliable, non-invasive and accessible digital biomarker technology, that delivers clinical results as accurate as of today’s definitive tests, viable for early screening at scale. 


Approved as a medical device in various geographies, ViewMind can detect Alzheimer's onset up to 20 years before clinical symptoms, enabling timely treatment. ViewMind is working with tier-one pharmaceutical companies on high-profile projects and aiding physicians around the world with support on diagnostics and disease management. 

ViewMind is expanding global operations and engaging partners to ensure doctors and patients are able to access and benefit from ViewMind’s Digital Biomarkers. To follow ViewMind on LinkedIn, click here

Contact Us to our e-mail address: info@viewmind.ai